Genics Purchases Remedial Treatment Products and Labels from ISK Biocides

Genics Inc is pleased to announce the purchase of the ISK Biocides Remedial Treatment line of products and associated Labels. Genics is looking forward to growing the Remedial Treatment business and partnering with ISK Biocides to grow the use of Copper Naphthenate, as a preservative of choice in 2017 and beyond.

Our plan is to have a seamless transition to ensure that the loyal customers of ISK Biocides will be supported throughout the transition and be able to grow their business in the future.

Genics has a strong reputation of customer service; it is our goal to provide all our existing as well as new customers a broader spectrum of products and services through this acquisition.

For more information or to place orders please contact or call 780-962- 1000 ext 246.