Cobra™ CuB 20 Paste

Product Overview

Cobra™ CuB 20 Paste offers a comprehensive solution for controlling decay fungi in wood, surpassing other preservative pastes in its eco-friendly design. This unique formulation not only provides exemplary preservative protection, but also exceeds regulatory, safety and environmental standards. The active ingredients mirror that of the widely used Cobra™ Rod technology. The borate content facilitates swift penetration, controlling decay fungi, while copper protects the pole’s surface from soft rot fungi. It boasts proven effectiveness at treating wooden power poles at the ground line and below, providing over 10 years of decay fighting protection. Cobra™ CuB 20 Paste is a general use pesticide and compatible with all species and wood treatments.

Cobra™ CuB 20 Paste is VOC and solvent free


Technical Summary

(Including 3rd party data and research)

Cobra™ CuB 20 Paste is packaged in both pails and boxes:

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Cobra™ Wrap – Composition and Chemistry

Active ingredients:

Theactive ingredients of Copper Hydroxide and Disodium Octoborate Tetrahydrate areregistered and listed with OMRI (Organic Materials Review Institute) and may beused in certified organic production farms as disease control or plant and soilamendment, respectively.

Cobra™ CuB 20 Paste – Performance and Safety

Benefits of using a combination of a copper and boron technologies for wood preservation include:


Pesticide labels have signal words on them that describe the acute (short-term) toxicity of the formulate pesticide product. The signal word can be either: DANGER, WARNING, or CAUTION. Products with the DANGER signal word are the most toxic and products while the products with the CAUTION signal word are lower in toxicity. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency requires a signal word to be printed on the front label, in all capital letters, to make for easy classification and clarification for the user.

The U.S. EPA determines the appropriate signal word after completion of studies by the manufacturer on the toxicity of the product. The required studies include oral exposure (eating the product), inhalation exposure (breathing in the product), dermal exposure (spreading the product on the skin), and exposures to the skin and eyes to examine for irritation. The study that shows the highest toxicity is used to determine the signal word.

Genics™ CuB 20 Paste has a CAUTION signal word.

COBRA CUB 20 PASTE with Brush

Independent testing and third-party studies have proven Cobra™ CuB 20 Paste provides outstanding co-biocidal properties against insects, fungi, and wood decay. As exemplified by research done at Louisiana State University, Cobra™ CuB 20 Paste exceeds industry standards in achieving retentions above toxic thresholds.

Ensure the use of proper PPE as per the label, SDS sheet, State guidelines.

This product is manufactured in an ISO 14001 facility.  


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