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Product Overview

Cobra™ Wrap is a copper-based preservative bandage designed for exterior application on utility poles. When properly installed at the groundline of a pole, Cobra™ Wrap’s active ingredient of copper naphthenate is carried deep into the wood by P9 oil, while providing a moisture barrier from soil contact. This pairing has proven to yield the highest results in copper retention and preservative penetration throughout the treatment cycle of a utility pole. The design of the Cobra™ Wrap bandage also promotes simplicity, consistency, and efficiency during installation, as the prefabricated panels require much less work at the hands of the installer. Each panel holds the proper dosage of chemical for any utility pole application, allowing an individual to simply cut to size and apply, eliminating the possibility for improper treatment loading. Cobra™ Wrap’s patented, self-contained delivery system also ensures minimal chemical exposure to the installer and the environment. This is crucial in maintaining structural integrity as 90% of a pole’s strength is in the outer three inches of the shell. This product is both PMRA and EPA approved, and uses ingredients recognized by the American Wood Protection Association as effective in the eradication of fungal actively.

Cobra Wrap Genics

Technical Summary

(Including 3rd party data and research)

Cobra™ Wrap is available in two formats: 

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Cobra™ Wrap – Composition and Chemistry

Active ingredients:

Copper Naphthenate


Petroleum Distillates 




Cobra™ Wrap is a two-part system comprised of copper naphthenate and petroleum distillates as preservative carrier. Since the late 1800s, the system of these two components has been studied for decades and are currently being used in all parts of North America and Europe as a suitable preservative system for wooden structures. They are used as an initial treatment for utility poles, crossarms, and railroad ties and are used as a remedial form of protection in treating existing structures.

Cobra™ Wrap – Technical Data Summary

Genics has conducted research and testing with the following research institutions:

Oregon State University Genics

Oregon State University – 1996 Test on Pole Wraps:

Cobra™ Wrap - Environmental 

Toxicology tests completed by Applied Sciences Laboratory in California on copper naphthenate mixed in a solvent to obtain a 2% copper indicates an LD50 value of greater than 5000 mg/kg in Acute Oral testing and an LD50 value of greater than 2000 mg/kg in Acute Dermal studies. To put this into perspective, table salt has an LD50 value of 3000 mg/kg for acute oral testing; therefore, table salt is more lethal at lower concentrations than the Cobra™ Wrap solution.

Cobra Wrap Environmental Genics
Cobra Wrap Environmental Wood

Cobra™ Wrap - Installation Instructions

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Cobra Wrap Installation
Cobra Wrap Installation Man

Ensure the use of proper PPE as per the label, SDS sheet, State guidelines.

This product is manufactured in an ISO 14001 facility.  


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