Mould spores exist almost everywhere. They’re present outdoors and indoors, and often the idea of mould and mould spores can be misunderstood. Mould is a natural occurring decomposer and much needed in nature.

Some inspectors and treaters us the phrase “mould removal” which can be misleading. Genics Inc. focuses on the term “Mould remediation” as we specialize in the correction and treatment of harmful mould and decay.

Below are some mould facts to consider:

  • Mould is everywhere, indoors and outdoors.
  • Mould spores are microscopic and they float in the air. They may enter your home through a wide variety of venues. This includes any passageway air has from the outdoors, and mould spores can even be carried on your body.
  • Mould is most susceptible to grow and spread in moist and humid areas, and increased temperatures can create a hotspot for mould to thrive.

Mould Remediation

Mould can be a big problem. Genics has the expertise and treatment options to identify, remediate and prevent future infestations. Untreated lumber can support mould development from day one. Whether you are looking to set up a preventative barrier to mould or need to have an existing problem dealt with, give Genics a call and talk to one of our mould remediation experts.

Mould & Decay Identification

Genics Inc. mould inspectors are trained, certified and equipped to assess and identify mould in both the commercial and residential markets. Inspectors have the ability to conduct hazard assessment, as well as safely determine the risks, stages and severity of mould and formulate the proper remediation steps for each and every situation. Our inspectors knowledge of harmful mould spores and the related risk of airborne contaminants allows for accurate assessments without having an individual’s health put in harm’s way. Safety is our top priority.

Mould Spore & Stain Removal

Genics Inc has the appropriate products to kill mould spores and remove mould stains left on wood. Thus previously contaminated areas are completely cured of all decay and mould, as well as the associated staining. Properly applied products will leave the wood entirely restored and cleaned.

Mould Prevention Treatment

Genics Inc. is most known for its patented products in the wood preservation industry. Many of these products are directly related to the prevention of mould and decay. There are a variety of safe and harmless treatments that will inhibit mould/decay from growing, spreading and damaging wood. Genics mould specialists are trained to professionally apply the treatments preventing mould and decay indefinitely.

Genics Industry Certifications & Qualifications

  • Staff on the council of the Alberta Institute of Agrologists
  • Professional agrologist expert in house
  • Member Canadian Wood Preservation Association
  • Member American Wood Protection Association