Genics has more than 30 years experience testing poles and collecting data for utility companies. Whether your job is big or small, Genics provides a range of utility pole services which includes:


Genics provides complete wood pole test and treat services and can handle any size job including:

Full groundline inspection
Remedial groundline treatment
Complete data collection
Line Patrols and GPS

Wood Pole Coring (sampling and analysis)

Genics can take core samples of your poles for analysis of preservative levels. We work with several labs in Canada and the United States for 3rd party analysis.

Remote Location Pole Testing, Including Winter

Genics has the equipment and experience to handle remote and winter work.

Golden Retriever

Golden Retriever is a customizable mobile app that allows our customers to access and manage their pole testing data remotely from their smartphone or tablet. Please note, it is currently only available for the Android platform. The iOS version will be released in the near future. For more information visit the Golden Retriever site or download the app from the Google Playstore.


Genics has the expertise and treatment options to identify, remediate, and prevent future mould infestations in your wood. Whether you’re looking to prevent mould growth or to fix an existing mould problem, our mould remediation experts can help. More information on Mould Remediation.

Mould decay and identification

Our mould inspectors are trained and certified to identify mould in commercial and residential buildings. We conduct hazard assessments, determine risk, and formulate a remediation plan for every situation.

Mould spore and stain removal

We kill mould spores and remove mould stains, curing wood of all decay and mould and leaving your wood entirely clean and restored.

Mould prevention treatment

Our patented wood preservation products prevent mould and decay. We have a range of safe and harmless treatments that will indefinitely prevent mould from growing, spreading and damaging your wood.