Throughout our history, we have proven that preserving wood doesn’t have to come at the environment’s expense.


We believe preserving wood and environment are one and the same. After all, where’s the sense in increasing the lifespan and usability of wood only by harming the environment that produces it?
Our wood treatment products are fumigant-free. That means they don’t have toxic chemicals that are harmful to the environment, or the workers applying the products. We use naturally occurring borates in our wood preservatives. These borates have been used to effectively combat wood-destroying organisms like fungi and termites for more than 70 years, with marginal environmental impact. All our products are safe to handle. They work just as hard to protect the planet as they do to protect your wood.
That philosophy informs all of our research and development, and it has helped us establish Genics as a green leader in wood treatment processes and technology.


Throughout our history, Genics has relentlessly pursued innovation. We work every day under the assumption that we can always do better.
Today, we operate two full-time research facilities in Louisiana and Hilo, Hawaii – two extreme wood decay locations. Here, we test each product we develop to make sure they deliver both in terms of increasing wood durability and protecting the natural environment.
If a Genics product can work here, it can work anywhere.