Cobra™ CuB Liquid

Product Overview

Cobra™ CuB Liquid is a ready-to-use copper borate solution synthesized to provide effective immediate treatment and long-term internal protection to wood structures. It provides the highest concentration of actives offered in the market today. The formulation mirrors that of the widely used Cobra™ Rod technology. Cobra™ CuB Liquid is a water-based remedial preservative that protects against a broad range of insects, fungi, and other wood decaying organisms. Cobra™ CuB 20 Liquid surpasses other preservative internal treatments in its eco-friendly design and is VOC and solvent free.


Technical Summary

(Including 3rd party data and research)

Cobra™ CuB Liquid is available in 1 or 5-galloncontainers: 

Additional products available:

Cobra™ CuB Liquid – Composition and Chemistry:

Active ingredients:

The active ingredients of Copper Hydroxide and Disodium Octoborate Tetrahydrate are registered and listed with OMRI (Organic Materials Review Institute) and may be used in certified organic production farms as disease control or plant and soil amendment, respectively.

Cobra™ CuB Liquid – Performance Summary

Genicshas conducted research and testing with the following research institutions:

Internaland Independent studies completed third-party research institutions concludethat the combination of copper and boron in the Cobra™ CuB Liquid 2-20formulation is effective at preserving and controlling against wood againstdecay, fungi, molds, insects, ants, and termites.

Boronis highly effective against basidiomycetes, insects, and termites.
Copperis highly effective against soft-rot fungi or ascomycetes.

Active Ingredient Bio-Availability

Cobra™ CuB 2-20 provides the highest concentration of active ingredients to deliver the highest volume of net copper and boron per oz/ml of solution. The active ingredients are solubilized into a homogenous solution that provides the highest diffusablity of copper and boron to increase the rate of diffusion and reduce the leachability of the actives. The rate of uptake is enhanced due to the homogeneity of the solution as it behaves as water would and, therefore, it is absorbed within the wood fibers as such.

Cobra™ CuB Liquid – Installation Instructions for groundline application:

Ensure the use of proper PPE as per the label, SDS sheet,State guidelines.

Cobra™ CuB Liquid can be mixed with a foaming agent to ensure preservative delivery to voids and insect galleries. 

Cobra™ CuB Liquid – Installation Instructions for treatment of voids:

Internal treatment involves boring ½” holes into the pole, foaming the void with preservative via the holes and then plugging the holes with a Cobra™ Plug. For maximum effectiveness, it is recommended that the solution be applied at temperatures above 10˚C (50˚F). Proceed as follows:

Ensure the use of proper PPE as per the label, SDS sheet, State guidelines.

This product is manufactured in an ISO 14001 facility.  


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