Fire Mesh™

Product Overview

Fire Mesh™ is the most widely used fire barrier in the utility market today. This industry-leading, patented technology allows utilities to protect their new and in-service wooden structures from damage cause by fire, eliminating the need for alternative materials in fire prone areas. Proven to perform for a minimum of 25 years globally, Fire Mesh™ can be applied to poles in any condition, regardless of weather, equipment, pole setting, species, or treatment.

Fire Mesh™ protected poles support the use of traditional maintenance and operational practices, with no impacts to climb-ability, hardware installation and pole inspection. It is vital for a wood pole to achieve equilibrium and homeostasis with the climatic conditions associated with its placement; therefore, Fire Mesh™ has been designed to promote air exchange allowing the pole to breathe.

Fire Mesh Genics Technology

The ¼ open grid system, provides visibility of the timber to which the product is adhered, while eliminating the potential for moisture entrapment within the wood. By combining state-of-the-art polymers with innovative fire-resistant compounds, Genics™ has created the most durable, high performing exterior application fire protection available on the market. The positive environmental and safety profile of Fire Mesh™ poses no threat to utilities, installers, communities, wildlife, and the environment.

Technical Summary

(Including 3rd party data and research)

Fire Mesh™ is the only intumescent mesh offered on two different base substrates:
galvanized steel and fiberglass.

The information below pertains to both products.
Fire Mesh™ contains no solvents, formaldehyde, halogens, or sulfates. 

Fire Mesh™ Specifications:

Chemistry composition:

Fire Mesh™ (Genics’ product number 53075):

Fire Mesh™ (Genics’ product number 53076):

Fire Mesh™ - Technical Data Summary

Genics has conducted research and testing with the following research institutions:

Fire Mesh™ Performance Against Fire

Fire Mesh™ will form a barrier by expanding at temperatures greater than 300°F to protect the wooden structure from fire damage. The mesh™ is coated with a durable intumescent polymer that allows for the wood to breathe and maintain its moisture equilibrium with the environment. Fire Mesh™ has undergone rigorous third-party testing to satisfy both industry and utilities’ standards. As a result, Fire Mesh™ has proven to be highly effective against all different fire intensities and fuel loads.

Western Fire Center


Fire Mesh Genics Result

Southwest Research Institute:


Australian Fire Test:


Oregon State University:




Fire Mesh™ Weathering Data

ASTM G154:


Fire Mesh™ - Environmental and Disposal

Fire Mesh™ - Manufacturing and Quality Control

Fire Mesh™ -
Installation Instructions

It is recommended that Fire Mesh™ be installed to a minimum height of double the vegetation at full maturity around the pole.

Fire Mesh Genics Installation Instructions
Fire Mesh Genics Storage

Fire Mesh™ - Storage and
Handling Instructions

Ensure the use of proper PPE as per the label, SDS sheet, State guidelines.

This product is manufactured in an ISO 14001 facility.  

ISO 4001


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