our products will make your projects last


Environmentally-friendly and safe to use products that will keep all of your wood creations in working order for years to come. These products are everything you need to repair, maintain, and protect your fences, decks, log homes, and more.

Pole Building

From picnic shelters to pergolas, these products offer the protection you need to maintain all of your pole buildings.

Brick Moulding

You can extend the life of your windows and doors with the addition of brick moulding, but your brick needs protection too. Find all of the products you need to keep your windows and doors protected.


Don’t replace your deck any sooner than you have to. Utilize our products to stop rot, fungus, and insects from damaging your deck.

Wood Repair

All of the products you need to repair, protect, and preserve your projects.

Log Home

Everything you need to preserve your log home by protecting it from fungus, decay, and infestation.


Preserve and protect your handiwork with our range of treatments and products.


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