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Triangle Tags Supporting Cast

Triangle Tags

“Internal treat” bagx500: #60170
“COBRA ROD” bagx500: #60175
“Cobra Wrap” bagx500 #60177
“Inspected” bagx500 #60702
“FUMIGATED” bagx500 #60160
“GENICS CuB” bagx500 #60708
“Custom Text” Available to order #xxxxx

Round Tags Supporting Cast

Round Tags

“TESTED 20xx (year)” bagx500 #60151
3” round “ REINFORCED” bagx100 #60359
“Custom Text” Available to order #xxxxx
Round Red/White Blank hole top tags bagx100 #60347
Round Red/White “REJECTED” bagx100 #60349

Oval Tags

“Custom Text” Available to order #xxxxx

Square Tags Supporting Cast

Square Tags

Plastic Square Tags x100
“BLACK” #60381
“RED” #60386
“ORANGE” #60380
“WHITE” #60390
“BLUE” #60387
“GREEN” #60388
“YELLOW” #60385
Square Aluminum x100
“Red/White” #60330
1” #60319 — 2” #60329

Test and Treat Tools

From drill bits, to specialized cobra plug removal tools. Genics can supply you with the tools needed to effectively test and treat your wooden assets.

Test and Treat Tools supporting cast

Ship Auger Drill Bits 18”

Bits for creating treatment holes in wood. Sold in 3 different sizes.

1/2” bit: #78805
3/4” bit: #78809

Shell depth indicators are a shell thickness probe 16” long used to determine the thickness of the shell of a powerpole.

Genics Pole Tool

Used as a plug removal tool (fits all Genics plugs) and as a shell thickness probe to determine the thickness of the shell of a power pole.

Pole Tool: #70150

Cobra Plug Removal

Used as a plug removal tool for 9/16” and 11/16” cobra plugs.

Cobra Plug Removal tool: #70100

Cobra™ Webbing

“XXST” webbing 300’ roll #60940
“XX” webbing 300’ roll #60930
“XXCA” yellow webbing 300’ roll #60950

Cobra Webbing Supporting Cast

Golden retriever

A solution to managing assets that can fit in the palm of your hand. This powerful asset data collection system will work off line, supports photo cataloging, accurate GPS mapping and so much more!

For more information, and to find out how Golden retriever is the most cost effective solution for managing your assets visit:

supporting cast group Genics golden

Kraft Poly Rolls

Kraft Poly Paper, consisting of polyethylene plastic laminated paper, is affixed to the ground-line region of wood poles in conjunction with external treatment pastes and gels. Kraft Poly Paper serves as a moisture barrier to retain the preservative compound on the pole and facilitates the diffusion process.

42lb Pail #13404    |    42lb box (2x Vacuum sealed bags) #13404

18”x300’ #13989  |  22”x300’ #51766  |  22”x200’ #13980  |  22”x150’ #51764  |  24”x300’ #51866

Kraft Polly Rolls Supporting Cast


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