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Integrated Management of Wood Assets

Genics specializes in building custom asset management programs. Based on environmental and pole conditions, decay ratings, and assessment of other risks such as fires and natural disasters, we tailor our programs to address challenges specific to utilities’ pole demographics. This customization enables utilities to proactively ensure the resilience of their grid infrastructure.

Integrated Management of Wood Assets Research
Multi-Disciplinary Approach research
Multi-Disciplinary Approach
Genics has over 40 years of industry experience and knowledge as both innovators and disruptors in the remedial wood preservation industry. Through collaboration with leading scientists, engineers and field experts, we deliver innovative wood pole asset management solutions to utility companies. We pioneer continual advancements in wood science and technology, as well as preservative chemistry and efficacy, in order to optimize asset performance, enhance reliability, and extend service life of wood poles globally. Our extensive field testing at several decay sites across North America in conjunction with top wood science academic institutions informs evidence-based decision-making to ensure the performance and effectiveness of our solutions and technologies.

R&D Team

With over 35 global patents, our R&D team is driven by continuing to produce cutting-edge research and innovation. In addition to an established support team, Genics’ R&D team includes PhDs with varying backgrounds: from rational design of glass properties to quantum chemistry, wood chemistry, and polymer chemistry, with years of experience in improving formulation and manufacturing in industrial settings. The Genics R&D team is built to provide utility companies with unparalleled insights and tools to maximize the value of their system.
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