Pole Top Protectors


Pole Top Protectors the science

Pole Top Protectors

Genics Pole Top Protectors are purpose-built to stop decay at the top of utility poles. This is a critical area in need of protection, because destructive fungi, moisture, and even bird droppings can erode the structural strength of the wood that holds the pole top hardware itself, such as mounting brackets and insulator pins. Our Pole Top Protectors can also help to extend the lifespan of all wood products with an exposed top, such as pilings and even wood posts.


Pole Top Protectors the science behind it

The Science Behind It

Pole Top Protectors are infused with decay fighting power and provide a defensive shield, but are different than other pole top protection because they are not bulky, which means your utility poles and other wood assets can be protected while still leaving the necessary space to attach pole top hardware.

Why Choose Pole Top Protector?

Genics Pole Top Protectors implement a powerful copper borate complex to prevent decay at the top of the pole. Copper and boron are naturally occurring biocides that individually work to combat the growth of different wood-decaying fungi species. We have combined both biocides in a revolutionary formula to create a synergy between copper and boron to give our Pole Top Protectors the greatest possible spectrum of fungal control capabilities. The highly adhesive rubber of the Pole Top Protectors also provide a secure water-tight seal to the top of the pole, which protects the wood from moisture and pests. Moisture can be a real problem at the top of the pole, not only because it provides a great environment for fungi to grow, but actually causes the wood to expand and contract which causes cracks to form, which in turn allows moisture to penetrate more deeply into the pole itself.


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