can bor-genics

COB 2-20

COB 2-20 is a ready-to-mix water soluble inorganic borate salt. As a borate powder, it has the power to deter infestations of termites and other insects, as well as fungal growth. It is highly effective in powder form, as a aqueous solution, or as a foam solution.


The Science Behind It

As a borate salt, COB 2-20 is highly abrasive to insect exoskeletons, and acts as a stomach poison in wood-boring insects in addition to possibly affecting the nervous system of these insects. COB 2-20 is also effective against both white and brown decay fungi by stopping the growth of the fungi by inhibiting the production of reproductive spores. As both a preventative treatment and as a remedial treatment for infested wood, COB 2-20 will protect wood assets from subterranean termites, drywood termites, dampwood termites, furniture beetles, powder post beetles, longhorn beetles, and carpenter ants.

As a powder, liquid, or foam, COB 2-20 can be applied as a preventative treatment prior to painting the wood assets, or as a remedial treatment by drilling into and filling insect galleries with the treatment product. It can also be applied within wall voids such as attics, soffits, or between wall studs. COB 2-20  works hard to protect wood assets from degradation due to insect infestations, fungal growth, and mould.


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